The Best 75Hz Gaming Monitors Of 2024

Welcome to the realm of gaming excellence!

In this guide, we’ll explore the world of gaming monitors, specifically focusing on The Best 75Hz Gaming Monitors.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, the right monitor can make a significant difference in your gaming experience.

Which Are The Best 75Hz Gaming Monitors?

In this section, we have handpicked The Best 75Hz Gaming Monitors for you:

1. Sceptre C275W-1920RN 27″ FHD 75Hz LED Curved Monitor

Sceptre C275W-1920RN

The Sceptre C275W-1920RN is a 27-inch FHD curved monitor, immersing you in a 1500R-degree design for gaming precision. With a vivid 98% sRGB color gamut, it delivers deeper colors. Enjoy a competitive edge with multiple ports supporting up to 75Hz refresh rate, and the Adaptive-Sync technology eliminates tearing. Built-in speakers provide robust audio, while Blue Light Shift reduces eye strain. The tiltable display enhances comfort with a 15° backward and 5° forward adjustment. Ideal for work or gaming, this monitor combines immersive design with practical features for an exceptional visual experience.

Key Features:

  • 27-inch FHD curved monitor with 1500R degree design.
  • 98% sRGB for vivid and deeper colors.
  • Multiple ports support up to 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Adaptive Sync technology for tear-free gaming.
  • Built-in speakers for immersive audio.
  • Blue Light Shift reduces eye strain.
  • Tiltable display with 15° backward and 5° forward adjustment.


  • Immersive curved design.
  • Wide color gamut for vibrant visuals.
  • Versatile connectivity options.
  • Smooth gaming experience with Adaptive Sync.
  • Integrated speakers for space-saving audio.
  • Eye-friendly Blue Light Shift.
  • Adjustable tilt for personalized comfort.


  • Limited to 75Hz refresh rate.
  • The audio quality may not match external speakers.

2. MSI OPTIX G2412V 24” FHD Super Narrow Bezel 75Hz IPS Gaming Monitor


The MSI OPTIX G2412V is a 24″ FHD gaming monitor featuring a super narrow bezel design. With a 75Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, it ensures smooth and tear-free visuals. The adaptive sync technology enhances gaming performance, providing a wide 178° view angle for immersive gameplay. The non-glare LED backlight display delivers clear, vibrant visuals, making it an ideal choice for gamers seeking responsive and high-quality graphics.

Key Features:

  • 24″ FHD gaming monitor
  • The super narrow bezel design
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Adaptive sync technology
  • Wide 178° view angle
  • Non-glare LED backlight


  • Smooth and tear-free visuals
  • Immersive gaming experience
  • Clear and vibrant display
  • Responsive graphics
  • Sleek design with super narrow bezel


  • Limited to FHD resolution
  • 75Hz refresh rate may be lower for some users

3. Sceptre E249W-19203R 24-inch FHD LED Gaming Monitor

Sceptre E249W-19203R

The Sceptre E249W-19203R is a 24-inch FHD LED gaming monitor, that offers a smooth and vibrant visual experience. With features like Anti Glare Screen and Adaptive Sync technology, it enhances eye comfort and reduces screen tearing. The 75Hz refresh rate ensures faster image transitions, while the fast response time minimizes ghosting for precise focus in dynamic scenes. Equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI and VGA, along with built-in speakers, this monitor provides versatility for various applications, making it an ideal choice for work and gaming setups.

Key Features:

  • 24-inch FHD LED gaming monitor
  • Anti Glare Screen and Adaptive Sync
  • Up to 75Hz refresh rate for smoother transitions
  • Fast response time to reduce ghosting
  • Multiple ports (2x HDMI, 1x VGA) for versatility
  • Built-in speakers for audio convenience


  • Enhanced eye comfort with Blue Light Shift
  • Dynamic visual experience with vibrant colors
  • Suitable for gaming and work setups
  • Space-saving design with built-in speakers
  • Diverse audio options with Audio In and Headphone Jack


  • Limited to a 75Hz refresh rate
  • Basic FHD resolution for modern standards

4. ViewSonic VX2467-MHD 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX2467-MHD

The ViewSonic VX2467-MHD is a 24-inch Full HD gaming monitor, featuring ultra-thin bezels for an immersive visual experience. With a fast 75Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, it ensures smooth and responsive gaming. AMD FreeSync technology eliminates tearing, while Flicker-Free and Blue Light Filter enhance viewing comfort. The monitor’s arsenal of pre-set customizable visual modes caters to various gaming genres, making it a versatile choice for FPS, RTS, or MOBA games. The 3H surface hardness, cable lock slot, and Black Stabilizer Technology further contribute to an optimal gaming setup.

Key Features:

  • 24-inch Full HD MVA gaming monitor
  • Ultra-thin bezels for immersive visuals
  • 75Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time
  • AMD FreeSync for tear-free gaming
  • Flicker-free, Blue Light Filter for eye comfort
  • Customizable visual modes for gaming genres


  • Fast refresh rate and response time
  • Enhanced viewing comfort features
  • Ultra-slim bezel design
  • AMD FreeSync for smooth gameplay


  • Limited to 75Hz refresh rate
  • Basic connectivity options

5. Sceptre ‎C248W-1920RN 24-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre ‎C248W-1920RN

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a 24-inch curved gaming monitor, offering an immersive visual experience with 1080p resolution and an 1800R screen curvature. With HDMI, VGA, and PC audio ports, it provides versatility for connectivity. The high refresh rate of 75Hz ensures smooth performance, and its VESA wall-mount compatibility adds flexibility to your setup. Windows 10 compatibility and a brightness of 220 cd/m² further enhance its appeal, making it a suitable choice for gaming and multimedia experiences.

Key Features:

  • 24-inch curved gaming monitor with 1080p resolution.
  • 1800R screen curvature for an immersive visual experience.
  • HDMI, VGA, and PC audio ports for versatile connectivity.
  • High refresh rate of 75Hz for smooth performance.
  • VESA wall-mount compatibility adds flexibility to the setup.
  • Windows 10 is compatible with a brightness of 220 cd/m².


  • Immersive curved display.
  • Versatile connectivity options.
  • Smooth gaming with a high refresh rate.
  • VESA mount for flexible setup.
  • Windows 10 compatibility.


  • Limited to 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Moderate brightness level.


In conclusion, The Best 75Hz Gaming Monitors offer a fantastic gaming experience without breaking the bank. From immersive visuals to responsive gameplay, these monitors cater to both casual and competitive gamers.

Elevate your gaming setup with one of our top picks and embrace the joy of gaming like never before.


Is 75Hz Enough for Gaming?

Absolutely! For most gamers, a 75Hz refresh rate provides a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The difference in smoothness is noticeable, especially when upgrading from a 60Hz monitor.

How to Optimize Settings for 75Hz Gaming?

Fine-tuning your graphics settings and ensuring your games are compatible with the monitor’s refresh rate is key. Our guide walks you through the optimization process for the best 75Hz gaming experience.

Are 75Hz Monitors Affordable?

Indeed, they are! The Best 75Hz Gaming Monitors strike a balance between performance and affordability, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers.

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