The Best 1440P 240Hz Monitors Of 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide on The Best 1440P 240Hz Monitors, where we delve into the world of high-performance gaming displays that redefine your gaming experience. If you’re a gaming enthusiast seeking the pinnacle of visual excellence, this article is your go-to resource. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and FAQs surrounding these top-tier monitors.

Which Are The Best 1440P 240Hz Monitors?

In this section, we have handpicked The Best 1440P 240Hz Monitors for you:

1. ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQDM 27” OLED Gaming Monitor


The ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQDM is a 27″ QHD OLED gaming monitor, featuring a high 240Hz refresh rate and ultra-fast 0.03ms response time for an immersive gaming experience. Its anti-glare micro-texture coating minimizes reflections, ensuring accurate colors. With G-Sync compatibility, tear-free gaming is guaranteed. The monitor boasts a custom heatsink and intelligent voltage optimization for efficient heat management, reducing the risk of burn-in. Offering exceptional HDR performance with 1000 nits peak brightness and 99% DCI-P3 gamut, it delivers astonishing visuals. The package includes essential cables, a VESA mount kit, and a 3-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for added value.

Key Features:

  • 27″ QHD OLED gaming monitor
  • 240Hz refresh rate, 0.03ms response time
  • G-Sync compatible for tear-free gaming
  • Anti-glare micro-texture coating
  • Efficient heat management with custom heatsink
  • 1000 nits peak brightness, 99% DCI-P3 gamut
  • DisplayWidget Center for easy settings adjustments
  • Comes with essential cables, a VESA mount kit, and a 3-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription


  • Immersive OLED display with high refresh rate
  • Ultra-fast response time for minimal motion blur
  • G-Sync ensures smooth and tear-free gaming
  • Anti-glare coating for accurate colors
  • Efficient heat management for burn-in prevention
  • Impressive HDR performance with vibrant visuals
  • Easy settings adjustments with DisplayWidget Center
  • Inclusive package with essential accessories and Adobe Creative Cloud subscription


  • Premium features may come with a higher price point
  • OLED displays might be susceptible to burn-in over time

2. KOORUI GN05 27-inch Gaming Monitor


The KOORUI GN05 Gaming Monitor is a sleek 27-inch WQHD display with a vibrant Precision VA panel delivering accurate colors and a 3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. Boasting an impressive 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, it ensures silky-smooth visuals, ideal for fast-paced gaming. The monitor’s Adaptive-Sync technology prevents stutter, providing seamless gameplay. With a minimalistic design and nearly bezel-free sides, it facilitates multi-monitor setups, enhancing productivity. The stand allows quick assembly and tilt adjustment, while the VESA Wall-Mountable design offers versatile placement options. Multiple gaming ports offer flexibility, and a 3-Year Warranty ensures reliable support.

Key Features:

  • 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440p resolution ) Precision VA panel
  • 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time
  • Adaptive-Sync technology for fluid gaming
  • HDR10 with DCI-P3 90% wide color gamut
  • Minimalistic design, nearly bezel-free sides
  • Tilt-adjustable stand, VESA Wall-Mountable
  • Multiple gaming ports (2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty


  • Vibrant display with accurate colors
  • Silky-smooth visuals for fast-paced gaming
  • Adaptive-Sync prevents stutter for seamless gameplay
  • Minimalistic design enhances multi-monitor setups
  • Adjustable stand and VESA mount offer flexibility
  • Variety of gaming ports for different preferences
  • Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty


  • Specific gaming features might not be necessary for all users
  • Higher refresh rates may require a powerful graphics card for optimal performance

3. Alienware AW2723DF 27-inch Gaming Monitor 

Alienware AW2723DF

The Alienware AW2723DF Gaming Monitor delivers an immersive gaming experience with a 27″ QHD display and up to 280Hz overclocked / 240Hz native refresh rates. Featuring a fast IPS panel with a rapid 1ms response time, it ensures lag-free gameplay. NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and VESA Adaptive Sync certification eliminate stutter and tearing. Enjoy vibrant colors with 95% DCI-P3 coverage and VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification. The monitor’s iconic Legend 2.0 design in Lunar Light seamlessly integrates into any setup, offering AlienFX lighting, efficient ventilation, improved cable management, and a fully adjustable stand for personalized gaming comfort.

Key Features:

  • 27″ QHD (2560 x 1440) display with up to 280Hz overclocked / 240Hz native refresh rates
  • Fast IPS panel, 1ms GtG response time for lag-free gameplay
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC and VESA Adaptive Sync for tear-free gaming
  • 95% DCI-P3 color coverage, VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification
  • Iconic Legend 2.0 design in Lunar Light with AlienFX lighting


  • Immersive gaming with high refresh rates
  • Fast response time enhances gameplay
  • Tear-free experience with G-SYNC and Adaptive Sync
  • Vibrant colors and dynamic visuals
  • Iconic and stylish design with customizable lighting
  • Fully adjustable stand for optimized gaming comfort


  • Overclocked refresh rates might need a powerful GPU

4. Acer Nitro XV272U W2bmiiprx 27″ Gaming IPS Monitor 

Acer Nitro XV272U

The Acer Nitro XV272U is a 27″ WQHD gaming monitor, offering a crisp 2560 x 1440 resolution. Featuring AMD FreeSync Premium, it ensures smooth visuals. With an impressive 240Hz refresh rate (using Display Port) and a rapid 1ms response time (G to G), it delivers a responsive and immersive gaming experience. The IPS panel showcases vibrant colors, while DisplayHDR 400 enhances dynamic visuals. The monitor’s ergonomic design includes height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustments for customized comfort. Equipped with multiple ports and built-in speakers, it caters to diverse gaming setups, making it a versatile choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440p resolution) IPS gaming monitor
  • AMD FreeSync Premium for smooth visuals
  • 240Hz refresh rate (Display Port), 144Hz (HDMI)
  • 1ms response time (G to G), up to 0.5ms
  • DisplayHDR 400 for enhanced dynamic visuals
  • Ergonomic design with height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustments
  • VESA Mounting Compliant (100 x 100mm)
  • Multiple ports: 1 x Display Port 1.4, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x Audio Out Port
  • Built-in speakers (2 watts per speaker)


  • Crisp WQHD resolution for detailed visuals
  • AMD FreeSync Premium ensures smooth gameplay
  • High 240Hz refresh rate for responsive gaming
  • Quick 1ms response time minimizes motion blur
  • Ergonomic design for customizable comfort
  • DisplayHDR 400 enhances the dynamic visual experience
  • Versatile connectivity options


  • Overclocked refresh rates might require a powerful GPU
  • Built-in speakers may not deliver premium audio quality

5. KOORUI 27E3QK 27-inch Gaming Monitor 


The KOORUI 27E3QK 27-inch gaming monitor enhances your gaming adventure with WQHD resolution, a rapid 240Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time for vivid visuals and seamless gameplay. Adaptive Sync technology eradicates screen tearing, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions. Its adjustable design accommodates personalized preferences, and HDMI/DisplayPort options provide versatile connectivity. With over two decades of monitor manufacturing expertise, KOORUI delivers premium quality and confidence through a 3-year warranty. Elevate your gaming setup with this reliable monitor that embodies KOORUI’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • 27″ QHD (2560 x 1440) 2K display
  • Impressive 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time
  • Adaptive Sync technology for tear-free gaming
  • HDMI(v2.0) x 2, DisplayPort(v1.4) connectivity
  • Adjustable design for height, tilt, and swivel
  • Virtually borderless, ultra-thin design


  • Detailed and lifelike 2K gaming visuals
  • Ultra-smooth gameplay with high refresh rate
  • Tear-free experience with Adaptive Sync
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Adjustable design for customized comfort
  • The sleek and borderless display


  • May require a powerful GPU for optimal performance
  • Specific gaming features may not be essential for all users

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a 240Hz refresh rate enhance gaming performance?

A higher refresh rate ensures smoother motion on-screen, reducing motion blur and providing a competitive advantage in fast-paced games.

Do all games benefit from a 1440P resolution?

While not all games require 1440P resolution, many modern titles benefit from the enhanced clarity and detail offered by these monitors.

Can I use a 1440P 240Hz monitor for tasks other than gaming?

Absolutely! The high resolution and refresh rate make these monitors excellent for productivity tasks, content creation, and media consumption.


In conclusion, The Best 1440P 240Hz Monitors stand as the pinnacle of gaming display technology, offering a harmonious blend of resolution, refresh rate, and cutting-edge features.

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights by choosing the perfect monitor that aligns with your preferences and gaming style.

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