The 4 Best HP 32-inch Monitors Of 2024: Our Top Picks

In the world of computing, a high-quality monitor is your window to the digital realm. When it comes to finding the perfect display, HP’s 32-inch monitors stand out as excellent choices. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of these impressive monitors, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From detailed product reviews to FAQs, we’ve got you covered.

Which Are The Best HP 32-inch Monitors?

HP’s range of 32-inch monitors is designed to deliver stunning visuals and enhance your computing experience. Below, we’ve outlined the top picks to consider:

1. HP OMEN 32q QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor


The HP OMEN 32q QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor is a high-performance display designed to enhance your gaming experience. With its 1ms GtG response time and Overdrive technology, it eliminates motion blur for smooth gameplay. The 165Hz refresh rate minimizes artifacts and motion blurring, keeping your gaming action crisp and responsive. The QHD resolution delivers stunning visuals, making virtual worlds appear lifelike. This monitor also offers a wide color gamut, with 99% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3 coverage, for rich and precisely recreated colors. Its versatile connectivity options and adjustable stand allow for a customized setup. Plus, the OMEN Gaming Hub lets you fine-tune settings for an optimal gaming ecosystem. Enjoy games as developers intended with a peak brightness of 400 nits, providing brighter whites, deeper blacks, and richer colors. Experience gaming without compromise on this outstanding monitor.

Key Features:

  • 32-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) IPS panel display
  • 165Hz refresh rate for smooth, responsive gameplay
  • 1ms GtG response time with Overdrive for minimal motion blur
  • 99% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3 color coverage for vibrant visuals
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Technology for tear-free gaming
  • Versatile connectivity options for gaming PCs and consoles
  • Adjustable stand and cable management for a tidy setup
  • OMEN Gaming Hub for customization
  • 400 nits peak brightness for vivid colors


  • High-resolution display with impressive color accuracy
  • Fast refresh rate and response time for gaming
  • Adaptive sync technology reduces screen tearing
  • Adjustable stand and cable management for a neat desk
  • Customization options through OMEN Gaming Hub


  • Maybe a bit large for some desk setups
  • Some users may prefer a higher refresh rate for competitive gaming

2. HP 32-inch 16:9 VA FreeSync Monitor 

HP 32-inch 16:9 VA FreeSync Monitor 

The HP 32-inch VA FreeSync Monitor Bundle with Docztorm Dock is a versatile display solution. Its 31.5-inch Full HD VA panel offers a 75Hz refresh rate and 99% sRGB coverage, ensuring vibrant and detailed visuals for both work and play. The inclusion of AMD FreeSync technology reduces screen tearing during gaming or fast-paced tasks. Plus, its adjustable tilt and slim three-sided micro-edge bezel design provide ergonomic flexibility and an immersive viewing experience. Additionally, the monitor boasts a low-blue light filter with HP Eye Ease, enhancing comfort during extended use without compromising color accuracy. The bundle includes the Docztorm Dock, a portable data hub with speedy data sync capabilities. This bundle is a great choice for those seeking an all-in-one monitor and docking solution.

Key Features:

  • 32-inch Full HD VA display with 75Hz refresh rate
  • 99% sRGB coverage for vibrant colors
  • AMD FreeSync for tear-free gaming
  • Adjustable tilt and slim bezel design
  • Includes Docztorm Dock for data connectivity


  • Vibrant color reproduction
  • Smooth gaming with FreeSync
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable tilt
  • Dock adds data connectivity convenience


  • Limited to 75Hz refresh rate
  • Full HD resolution, not 4K

3. HP M32fw 32″ VA FreeSync Monitor 

HP M32fw

The HP M32fw 32″ VA FreeSync Monitor Bundle with Docztorm Dock is a versatile and practical display solution. The 32-inch VA display offers a Full HD resolution with a 75Hz refresh rate, ensuring sharp visuals and smooth performance for both work and play. AMD FreeSync technology eliminates screen tearing and input lag, enhancing the gaming experience. Integrated cable management on the display stand keeps your workspace tidy. With a wide range of supported resolutions, this monitor is adaptable to various content types. It features on-screen controls, low blue light mode, and anti-glare treatment for added comfort and convenience. The bundle includes essential accessories like HDMI and VGA cables, and the Docztorm Dock offers high-speed data syncing. This 2-pack bundle provides excellent value for productivity and entertainment needs.

Key Features:

  • 32-inch VA display with Full HD resolution and 75Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync technology for smooth gaming
  • Integrated cable management for a tidy workspace
  • Wide range of supported resolutions
  • Includes essential cables and Docztorm Dock for data syncing


  • Versatile monitor for work and play
  • Eliminates screen tearing with FreeSync
  • Tidy cable management
  • Included accessories add convenience


  • Full HD resolution, not 4K
  • Limited to two HDMI 1.4 ports

4. HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display Monitor

HP Z32k G3

The HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display Monitor Bundle with Docztorm Dock is a powerful and versatile display solution. With a 32-inch UHD IPS display boasting a 3840×2160 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, it delivers stunning visuals with 400 nits of brightness. The monitor offers a wide array of connectivity options, including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, Thunderbolt 4, USB-A, USB-C, and more, making it perfect for creators and professionals. Its IPS Black panel technology ensures vibrant colors and deep contrasts. The Thunderbolt 4 support enables high-speed data transfer, dual 4K monitor chaining, and device charging. Intelligent controls, such as a Single Power On and a built-in KVM switch, enhance productivity. The included Docztorm Dock adds data syncing convenience. This bundle is an ideal choice for those seeking top-notch display quality and connectivity.

Key Features:

  • 32-inch UHD IPS display with 4K resolution
  • Versatile connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 4
  • High brightness at 400 nits
  • Intelligent controls and KVM switch for efficiency
  • Includes Docztorm Dock for data syncing


  • Stunning 4K display with rich colors
  • Thunderbolt 4 support for fast data and charging
  • Efficient control features for multitasking
  • Dock adds data connectivity convenience


  • Limited to 60Hz refresh rate
  • May be pricier than some other monitors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are HP 32-inch monitors good for gaming?

Absolutely! HP offers dedicated gaming monitors within the 32-inch range, such as the HP Omen 32q 32-inch Display, designed to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Do HP 32-inch monitors support multiple devices?

Yes, many HP 32-inch monitors come with multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C, making it easy to connect various devices.

Are HP monitors energy-efficient?

HP prioritizes energy efficiency in its monitors, with many models featuring power-saving modes and ENERGY STAR certification.

Can I mount HP 32-inch monitors on the wall?

Yes, most HP monitors are VESA mount compatible, allowing you to mount them on the wall or on monitor arms for flexible positioning.

Are HP monitors suitable for professional graphics work?

Certainly! HP’s 32-inch monitors with high resolutions and color accuracy are excellent choices for graphic design and professional work.


When it comes to choosing the best 32-inch monitor, HP’s offerings are hard to beat. Whether you’re seeking a monitor for work, gaming, or entertainment, HP has a model that will exceed your expectations.

With superb visuals, versatility, and innovative features, these monitors are sure to enhance your computing experience. Dive into the world of HP 32-inch monitors and elevate your visual journey.

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