Top 3 Best Espresso Machine Under $2000 in 2024

Are you a coffee enthusiast who values the perfect cup of espresso?

If so, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the world of espresso machines, specifically those under $2000.

We’ll explore the top options, key features, and everything you need to know to brew the perfect shot of espresso in the comfort of your own home.

The Best Espresso Machines Under $2000

Rocket Espresso Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine, Copper

 in stock
2 new from $1,800.00
as of June 15, 2024 3:10 am


  • Heat Exchanger: The 1.8-liter HX boiler allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming.
  • E61 Group: Boiler-heated and backflushable, E61 groups offer reliable operation and more consistent brew temperature.
  • Compact Case: The Appartamento's compact 10"x17" footprint makes it one of the smallest prosumer machines on the market.
  • Manual Control: Brew and steam controls are all analog for hands-on brewing.
  • Three Year Warranty: We're proud to offer three years of parts and labor support for every Rocket machine purchase.

Gaggia Accademia Luxury Italian Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with 19 Programmable Settings,0.5 Liters,RI9782/46 Brushed Stainless

 in stock
3 new from $1,899.00
as of June 15, 2024 3:10 am


  • Steel Housing, Made in Italy
  • Glass Touchscreen Display
  • Commercial Steam Wand
  • 19 On-Demand Beverages
  • Massive Beverage Customization

Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine, White

$1,990.00  in stock
3 new from $1,990.00
as of June 15, 2024 3:10 am


  • Dual Boiler: A 1-liter steam boiler and 300ml brew boiler offer simultaneous brewing and steaming.
  • Steam, Optional: A focus on brew temp stability keeps the steam optional, only at pressure when you need it.
  • PID Control: Dedicated brew and steam circuit PIDs offer excellent temperature management, and can be adjusted to-the-degree.
  • Soft Preinfusion: The Silvia Pro X brings adjustable, low-pressure preinfusion for improved shot quality.
  • Shot Timer: The front-facing PID screen doubles as a shot timer when brewing.

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